The Zombie Parade, The Walking Dead Season 6 Is Here

First Time Again, The Walking Dead Season 6 Recap & Videos
(No Comic Book Spoilers Please)

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Another great season opener. The Walking Dead not only teased us with a swarm of Walkers, and delivered, but we got a zombie parade! Did anyone else want to sing, Welcome to the Black Parade? Well, if you didn’t, I added the video for you to check out.

My Chemical Romance “Welcome to the Black Parade”

Any who, let’s dive into our favorite moments of First Time Again, The Walking Dead season 6, 90-minute opener.

Glenn and Nicholas

Last season Glenn spares Nicholas’ life despite luring him out into the woods to kill Glenn. I like that we continue to be on edge with Nicholas, and I assume we’ll continue too until he redeems himself. Not many characters on The Walking Dead would have been so kind. But, I think the writers were smart to have Maggie talk to Tara telling her what Nicholas had done. She said that Glenn took a chance on Tara once and he did it again with Nicholas, “Glenn saves people.” It made the audience come down from our Rick-tatorship haze and see Nicholas as a human again, which I think Rick needs a little lesson in, right?

Now the question is, The Walking Dead universe isn’t too kind to the Do-The-Right-Thing characters, could this spell out the end for Glenn? If Glenn dies, do we riot?


We definitely get a sense that Rick has changed from last season, but is he becoming sinister? Rick confesses to Morgan that he wanted to kill Carter, but realized that he would die on his own anyway. Rick’s indifference clashes throughout the episode with Daryl, Michonne and Morgan. The only person that seems to be fully vested in Team Rick is Carol at this point. Even Daryl had to pull on Rick’s arm to bring him back to reality. My question to you, is Rick right that the group shouldn’t save people anymore? Where would the Grimes Gang be now if no one saved them?

Rick will most likely be our most pragmatic character, but is he turning into the Governor? Will the Grimes Gang decide to rebel against the new Rick-tatorship? #CantWait to see!

Abraham and Sasha

Abraham seems to be falling down a very deep rabbit hole. What I have learned from The Walking Dead universe, characters don’t seem to get happy endings. It just seems optimistic to have two of our characters survive PTSD. I mean, Abraham had just short of a psychotic breakdown when he told Sasha he still had Pete’s brains stuck in his ear! Though I love Abraham, I could sacrifice him over some of my other favorite characters. Plus, he can’t die until he says “porchdick” again.

Other Tidbits:

  • Who is honking the horn? My guess the Wolves are coming and they are bringing the parade with them. Game of Thrones anyone??!!
  • Loved the comedy-relief in this episode. I think Eugene and Tara take the cake on best lines of the week!
  • Anyone care how they’ll move forward with Father Gabriel? My guess he’ll be next on the, I-have-no-sympathy-for-you kill list.
  • I have a feeling Carol’s Suzy-homemaker act will have to come to end soon. Will Morgan be impressed?
  • Anyone else fall in love with Heath? I know he is a comic book favorite.
  • What did you guys think of the black and white scenes?

Favorite Lines, “First Time Again”

“Thank God. Nothing happened to your hair.” – Tara
“Doing something as big as this, that’s living.” – Abraham
“You said you don’t take chances anymore.” – Morgan
“I fully respect the hair game.” – Eugene
“Hello.” – Eugene
“Got to get to know each other again. For the first time, again.” – Morgan

Love to hear from you! Leave your comments below. Until next week, I leave you with a few videos:

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