The Walking Dead Spend Ruins More Hope

The Walking Dead Spend

The Walking Dead, Spend Episode 514 Memorable Moments

Hi from Asia! With all the packing I didn’t get a chance to finish up this week’s best of moments in a timely manner, well let’s call it memorable moments, since our eyes will never be the same after that kill! So, let’s dive in to the tongue and cheek shall we…too soon?

Father Gabriel

Let’s start with the wickedness Father Gabriel committed! What the hell is up with trying to get the group ostracized from Alexandria. Was his life not saved by the same people he is trying to throw under the bus? Basically he is calling Rick Satan in reincarnate.

Yes, Gabriel did see the Grimes group murder the Termites in a pretty brutal way. But his understanding of that situation was only the brutality. Gabriel had not been witnessed to the dangers of the Walkers, the Governor or the Claimers. So, would you say he is more like the Alexandrians where he is too oblivious of what kinds of people are out there?

On the other hand, Gabriel himself committed murder. Sure, he didn’t actually take any axe or gun and kill his flock, but wasn’t it his fault they all died? The consequence here, will be if Deanna actually believes him.

Alexandria is Full of Cowards

So, we got some revelations about Alexandria this week. The people are inexperienced, deadly afraid of the walkers, and completely able to desert their people in peril. Tobin almost leaves Abraham and Francine behind to die, but like the Grimes group we’ve come to love, they don’t leave any body behind – well that is of course if you are eating them, then you get the machete to the face!

Then there’s Nicolas, the dumbest of them all. Two characters lost their lives this week because of this coward. But, he wasn’t just a coward he bluntly murdered someone in cold blood by slipping himself from the revolving door of death.

For one of the saddest and brutal death scenes we’ve seen on The Walking Dead Noah’s death. Noooooo why Noah! He was so good and nice! Another brutal death for a character that promised hope and architecture! So much for Noah the builder story line, right?

Other Tidbits

  • Techno beats survive the apocalypse, but sadly this one wa too foreshadowing. “Now you’re going to die,” and it was Noah they focused on it. I should have known!
  •  What is it about every thing that comes out of Pete’s mouth is like a back hand complement.
  •  Maggie should teach a Killing Walkers With Riot Gear 101 class very soon
  • It seems that our entire Grimes group is dealing with some form of PTSD, Abraham can almost detect an attack when he is outside the walls of Alexandria. For the best moment of the week, Abraham’s “Motherdick,” mic drop, peace out.

The Walking Dead Spend Best Quotes:

“So you can teach me how to build things. I want those walls to stay up.” – Noah
“This is the beginning of this place” – Reg
“Motherdick” – Eugene
“Let’s be friends man” – Pete #Porchdick
“They didn’t panic, we did.” – Aiden
“No, don’t let go” – Noah
“There’s only one way it can go. Youre gonna have to kill him.” Carol

I leave you with a sneak peek for next Sunday’s episode. I can’t include Inside the Episode because I have limited YouTube access in Asia!

Happy TV Watching,

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