The Walking Dead Kills A Favorite Character, or Did They?

Thank You The Walking Dead Season 6, Episode 3

The Walking Dead Kills A Favorite Character or Did They? - Confession Girl

If you were like me, you probably hit the blogs early this week because one, you either watched The Walking Dead on Sunday night in complete distress, or two, you were spoiled by someone asking if you were okay due the untimely death of a beloved character.

Yes, it looks like the Walking Dead killed Glenn in the 45th minute and like a crazed fan of this show, I screamed, cupped my mouth in disbelief, and let the flood of tears fall down my face without shame.

Dun dun dun. Then the speculations of whether Glenn is in fact dead began to swarm on social media and the blogosphere.  The theory is fueled by Scott Gimple’s statement that fans will get to see “some version of Glenn again.”  And, then you add Chris Hardwick having no Steven Yeun on his couch, makes it seem that maybe the rumors are true.

So, instead of breaking down the episode this week, plus I’m sure you’ve read enough recaps by the time you actually get to mine, let’s just pose two questions instead: Is he alive?  And, if he is, will you hate the show for it?

If Glenn survives the hoard of Walkers by being covered in Nicolas’ entrails and masking his human smell, would that be enough of a plausible survival tactic for fans?  Let me tell you why the answer is yes.

Suspension of Disbelief

First, we do need a willingness to overlook a bit of reality when discussing The Walking Dead. I mean the premise of the show is a ZOMBIE APOCALYPSE right?  Look weird shit happens in real life, so why not the Walking Dead. I can get on board if one of our favorite characters miraculously survives a ‘freak’ accident.  Why not?

Reading Into Thank You

The title of this episode can mean that both Nicholas and Glenn get to say thank you. Nicholas, was thankful for the second chance, and Glenn is thankful for Nicholas’ entrails that will allow him to survive the Walker swarm.

Hey, I’m okay with Scott Gimple pulling the rug from under me once, it’s not ruining the story. And, for the critics of #GlennIsAlive – fool me once, sigh of relief since Glenn is still alive.  Fool me twice, well it’s a goddamn TV show!  Get over it.  I for one love all the unbelievingness that makes up The Walking Dead. I’m still going to enjoy my Sunday zombie show, though maybe a little sadder if Glenn is in fact dead.  But, I’m about 85% convinced that he is alive.

Selfish Reasoning

This is my selfish reasoning, the Walking Dead can’t always kill its moral center, right? We’ve suffered Dale and Hershel’s death, now we have to endure Glenn’s?  The Walking Dead universe is already too bleak, we can definitely use a moral victory here. Plus, Rick is 98% off in the dark side, he needs a balanced character. But will he survive the swarm of walkers coming up to the trailer?  I guess we’ll have to leave it up to Carol…

Love to hear your thoughts on Glenn’s fate and how upset will you be if he did survive?

Other Tidbits

  • How much will you love the Walking Dead if they reveal Glenn’s fate on Sunday?  Unfortunately, my thoughts point that we’ll have to wait another week.
  • Watching the episode again, I noticed that the aerial shot where Glenn is supposedly being killed was shown right before it actually happened! If you still have it on your DVR go back to minute 40 it’s in the commercial promo.
  • My other revelation, I swear I can see Glenn crawling under the dumpster…just saying #GlennIsAlive.
  • Wouldn’t you want to put the poor Alexandria’s people out of misery once they’ve been beaten?  Poor girl with the twisted ankle and he guy with the wife.  They surely did die horribly without the help of the group putting them out of their misery. If Glenn’s dead, maybe they’ll join in on the zombie walk to Alexandria!
  • The Walkers are starting to look really creepy!  Did you see Greg Nicotero as a Walker this week? He was grasping for Glenn and Nicholas on the dumpster.

Glenn’s Final Words

“I need to make it home.”
“Good luck dumbass.”
“If I get stuck out here, I’ll find a way to show you guys that I’m okay.”
“Hey Nicholas, Look at me.”
“Thank You.” – Glen silently says this to Nicholas because #GlennIsAlive

Happy Halloween!

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