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Things are moving quickly this season. With only 5 episodes left, Game of Thrones Stormborn was packed with unexpected tensions, reunions, and deaths.

Note: For those of you who haven’t read our recaps in the past, we don’t necessarily cover the entire episode, but rather open it up to more of a discussion. We are non-book readers that just want to sit around the virtual water cooler and discuss the awesomeness of GoT – so, please no book spoilers here.

Let’s dive right into it shall we:

Tensions Run High

Daenerys and Lord Varys

It begins on a stormy night at Dragonstone where tensions rise and loyalties are questioned. This unexpected confrontation between Dany and Varys sets up the tone of the entire episode. Probably one of my favorite scenes of the series, the dialogue, and its delivery was on par, you could actually believe that Varys was in peril. Ergo Tyrion’s reaction. Dany has every right to question where Varys true loyalties lie, he did try to carry out Robert Baratheon’s wishes to get rid of Dany back in season 1.

Defusing the tension, Varys has no better answer than the truth, “I came from nothing. I was sold as a slave and carved up as an offering. When I was a child, I lived in alleys, gutters, abandoned houses. You wish to know where my true loyalties lie? Not with any king or queen, but with the people. The people who suffer under despots and prosper under just rule. The people who’s hearts you aim to win.”

Jon Snow and Sansa Stark

This week my theory that Jon and Sansa are having normal sibling tension is again reinforced. Jon does not care to rule and is willing to pass it on to whoever is worthy and just – in this case, its Sansa.

Though as we know this is Game of Thrones and alliances, family and tensions can arise at any moment, right? For now, it seems that both are on the same page – Sansa is a better leader for the North and Jon is a better military man then a ruler. I like this tension it’s making them both better. Your thoughts on whether this relationship will continue to flourish or set to be doomed?


Arya and Hot Pie

Hot Pie gives Arya the low down of what’s been happening in the Seven Kingdoms while away at assassin school. It seems that she has changed her mind of traveling to King’s Landing and instead headed for Winterfell. From the previews for next week’s episode, it looks like the Jon-Arya-Sansa reunion is not going to happen.

Will she make it to Winterfell or will another diversion, in the form of a Mountain, delay another Stark reunion?

Arya and Nymeria

“That’s not you,” Arya whispers to her old direworlf Nymeria. Were you confused? This is the exact same thing she said to Ned Stark back in season 1 when he tells her to wear dresses and act more like a girl. Obviously, Nymeria being her direwolf, would also react the way same way and rebel. Números chooses her pack over Arya. Still, it was a heartbreaking reunion.


Euron Greyjoy

Damn, Euron really is a badass. He landed on Yara’s fleet like some dragon slayer – oh please don’t let that be a metaphor for the future. Euron takes Yara and Ellaria, who I assume will be the perfect present for Cersei in an upcoming episode. Ellaria responsible for the death of Myrcella may have a similar fate as Oberyn, seeing that the Mountain is still alive. And, just like that, the Snakes are dead. Dun Dun Dun.

In this week’s Dirty Jobs…

In continuing from last week it looks like Samwell could use a little help from Mike Rowe. Sam’s jobs just keep getting dirtier and well, sicker by the episode. What’s next, fear factor at the Citadel?

Best Quotes on Game of Thrones Stormborn

“Swear this to me, Varys. If you ever think I’m failing the people, you won’t conspire behind my back. You’ll look me in the eye as you have done today and you’ll tell me how I’m failing them.” Danaerys Targaryen

“I swear it, my queen.” Varys

“I believe you have a role to play. As does another: the King of the North, Jon Snow.” Melisandre

“That’s not you.” Arya Stark

Ready for Sunday’s episode? Here’s a sneak peek at episode three: ‘The Queen’s Justice’

Happy watching. Cheers!

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