How To Beat ‘Motivational Killers’ During Summer Running

How To Beat ‘Motivational Killers’ During Summer Running -

School’s out, summer’s here and guess what? The weather is HOT! And, if you are reading this you most likely signed up for a summer race. Whether this is your first half marathon or striving for a personal best on race day, there are plenty of factors that can kick your butt. So, how do you beat those summer running woes?

Here are our tips to beat ‘motivational killers’ during summer running:

Motivational Killer #1: Weather

With temperatures soaring around the world, it’s no surprise that weather is our first motivational killer. Understanding how heat and humidity affects your body can help overcome this hurdle.

Rehydration, cool clothing and running in the early hours will keep you going for longer during the summer months.

Summer Running Tips:

  • Run when it’s cooler – early mornings or at sunset
  • Have realistic goals
  • Keep an easy pace – if you run 9 minute miles slow down to 10 or 11 minute pace.
  • Try walk/run training method – run for 4 minutes, walk for 1 minute will keep you around 9 minute pace (For more info check out Jeff Galloway’s site)
  • Hydrate – use an electrolyte drink the body looses more carbs in the heat
  • Pick shady routes with drinking fountains
  • Don’t wear hats they tend to trap heat, use a visor instead

Motivational Killer #2: Busy Schedule

If you are training for half or full marathon, long runs are inevitable. It’s hard to carve out a two or three hour training session every week, which is why busy schedules are our #2 motivational killer.

Beat the Busy Schedule Excuse:

  • Set an alarm
  • Put it in your calendar – just like your business meetings or parent conferences your workouts should be penciled in
  • Change into your running clothes when you get home instead of waiting around
  • Have a family bike-a-long during your longer runs, or meet up at a local eatery where you can all have breakfast

Motivational Killer #3: Running Alone

Running alone when it is hot is already a test for most runners. Sprinkle in a 10 miler without a buddy system – yup we call this motivational killer #3. I love running alone most days, but when the mindset is in ‘veg’ mode a friend can really help kick up that running motivation.

Beat the Running Alone Excuse:

  • Sign up for a race with a friend – you’ll keep each other motivated
  • Virtual buddy – apps like Nike Plus allow you to connect with friends, see there weekly or monthly miles, which might secretly challenge each of you
  • Select a killer running playlist – Spotify or Pandora are great sources
  • Dog lover? Maybe it’s time to find a fury companion

Try out these motivational beaters and kick those running summer woes right in the butt! Have other tips we didn’t include? We’d love to hear from you in the comments below.

Look out for next week’s post, “Running Races To Be Excited About.” Happy running guys.



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