Game of Thrones High Sparrow Episode Rundown

Game of Thrones High Sparrow Episode Rundown



No Book Spoilers Please

Psychos rule the world of GoT, Ramsey Bolton marriage proposal and we meet the new leader of the Sparrows, which I assume by Cersei’s reaction they smell pretty bad?! My first take on High Sparrow underwhelmed me at first, except for the two ‘oh crap’ moments, finding out Sansa’s intended, and Jon Snow’s ‘no mercy’ tenure. But, watching it a second time through I couldn’t be more wrong.

By the way I apologize for posting the recap so late this week, so let’s get right into our favorite Game of Thrones rundown.

Arya’s Wax On Wax Off…I mean Assassin Training Begins

Okay, it may look like a place you would want to get a massage inside the House of Black and White, it seems that some folks don’t survive assassin school. If I was Arya I would take a good look around and ask myself, do I really want to be there right about now. She challenges Jaqen H’ghar on why she is sweeping the floor, I was half expecting H’ghar to say, “fine, now you sand the floor!”

Instead Arya learns the first lesson of assassin school is, you must throw away all your clothes and begin your new life as no one, and of course, continue to sweep the floor. I like this story line, I know we all hope that she’ll become a bad ass assassin prodigy, but I also wouldn’t put it pass George R.R. Martin to kill her by water like those other poor souls!

Speaking of breaking our hearts…

Sansa Becomes a Trojan Horse

Rumors are spreading, that the marriage proposal between Ramsey and Sansa is a departure from the books. By the way if you don’t want to know anything about the book skip to the next paragraph. No spoilers promise. According to online sources, Ramsey Bolton marries a different girl in the book, though I wont say what her fate was, I don’t think you need much of an imagination to assume anyone marring psychopath #2, is a ‘no bueno’ situation for any girl, let alone our Sansa!

I wonder what Little Finger will get out of orchestrating this shindig? He did say he already rules the Veil, but Roose will still want to continue to rule the North, unless, Little Finger somehow makes Sansa a Trojan Horse with hidden assassin skills. But, that means she will need some training right? Where’s Arya when we need her?

No Mercy Sensei Jon Snow

I don’t know about you, but I definitely channeled my Karate Kid watching days throughout the High Sparrow episode.

Jon Snow, the newly appointed High Commander, dealt with his first set of business this week – executing a piranha among his men. Janos who has been outspoken of his dislike of Jon Snow sealed his fate this week by rejecting the duty given to him by his Lord Commander. Jon soon realizes that having power and ruling is nasty business. Having no choice, Jon cuts off Janos’ head.

If he would have shown mercy to Janos, many of those men would have not followed him. Jon looks up and gets a nice proud nod from Stannis.

Do you think Ser Alliser will follow Jon now? Anyone wondering where Melisandre has been? Hanging with the Wildlings maybe?

Best Quotes of High Sparrow

“Stop being a bystander, do you hear me? Stop running. There’s no justice in the world. Not unless we make it. You loved your family, avenge them.” – Petyr Baelish

“I’ve married the most beautiful woman in the world. And it’s all because my brother died.” – Tommen Lannister

“I can’t knight you, but I can teach you how to fight.” – Brienne of Tarth

“I didn’t come here to sweep floors,” – Arya

“There is only one god. The girl knows his name, and knows his gift.” – Jaqen H’ghar

“He’s a half lion, half stag,” – Queen Margaery

Other High Sparrow Tidbits

  • Ser Jorah seems to run around with quite an arsenal of kidnapping tools! And, which queen is he taking Tyrion too, Cersei or Daenarys?
  • What’s up with Theon (Reek) why does he look like he is broken of Ramsey’s trance? Didn’t he seem like he woke up all of sudden?
  • By the way still no Dorne in the opening credits.
  • Queen Margery is playing with fire, egging Cersei on with her what do I call you business and getting her kicked out of King’s Landing. I just have a feeling things are not going to end well for third time appointed Queen Margaery!
  • Anyone else excited that Brienne and Podrick are finally getting along? Can’t wait to see what this fighting pair will find. From the previews ‘winter is definitely coming,’ or they are heading North?

I leave you with Inside the Episode High Sparrow. Until next week my friends!


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