CoWorker Camaraderie: Running for a Cause

It is known that K.Lo is big on sports. She loves watching them and she loves playing them. It’s never been something I gave much thought to EVER! As sisters in crime we like to share almost everything.

Monday’s Around the Water Cooler, is always a lot of fun talking about our favorite shows, and easing into the work week ahead. GirlsRunningSince we share almost everything, as we walk back to our desks we ask each about our weekends and K.Lo gives me the sports report, (I don’t know where I would stand without my ESPN informant).

For me shopping was my only kind of sport. If I’m not shopping for me it most definitely involves me shopping for my two girls. I was surprised to find that the more K.Lo updated me on her sport stories the more I became interested in following her and other friends of mine on social media that had turned to some sort of physical activity to give them a little extra to look forward to after a days work. That is how I discovered The Tinkerbell Half Marathon.

When a good friend of mine signed up for the Tinkerbell run for the second time, I couldn’t wait for Monday to come so I could talk about it over with K.Lo. I wanted us to sign up and do something we’ve never done together, share a common interest. So we did! We followed the Facebook link and signed up in early July. We looked at each other after we both hit the ‘submit’ button and said, “What did we just do?” We must have looked like crazy girls laughing hysterically at each other in our office cubes.

The race is on January 19, 2014, a little over six months from the day we signed up. And what do we do? We started training!

We’ve been training now for a little over 3 months and we learn something new with every run. We listen to our fellow runners and learn from them and we are vigorously moving forward, because at the core of it all we want to dedicate our run to all of the working girls.

We’ll keep posting updates and pictures.

With Love,

Karen is one of the founders at Confession Girl, loves drinking wine, craft beer, reading and running. Studied nutrition and sport injury at University of Santa Barbara, but decided to follow a passion in creative. Follow me on Twitter @confessiongirl2

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