Beach City Brewery Review, #AmericanCraftBeerWeek Day 3

Beach City Brewery Review: Crafty Ales, Russian Imperial Stouts and the Dankiest IPA Yet

Beach City Brewery Review - #AmericanCraftBeerWeek

Beach City Brewery situated in Huntington Beach, home of yours truly was a perfect way to spend a Monday night. Celebrating their one year over the weekend, the board was full of crafty anniversary ales highlighting some very unique brews, like a bourbon barrel and Russian Imperial stout, an incredibly aromatic saison and one of the dankiest IPA’s I’ve ever had!

Just off Beach Blvd, Beach City Brewery is near a favorite eatery, Matsu Janpenese Restaurant. How I’ve missed it for a year is beyond me. But, this little brewhouse was tucked away in an industrial park. Good inside sitting area and when the weather is nice their is an outside sitting area. No food is served, but you can bring your own, or on the weekends they have various food trucks for your pairing pleasure.

Because of the weekend, Beach City was still pouring their Anniversary Ales. Though I didn’t get to try the traditional line up, you can definitely get a good feeling that Beach City is about experimenting.

Craft Beer Lineup:

I have to start with my favorite of the night! This double IPA gives you the best cotton mouth you never knew you always wanted. Dankapotamus dumps a giant flavor of hops right into your mouth, and delivers an aroma that is equivalent to a hop freak show.

Absolutely loved this complex beer. Might have to end the week back here again for another pint of this weed…I mean hoptastic brew. Anyone want to join?

8.7% abv
Sorry guys I didn’t get the IBU’s on this one
Rating: 4.5/5

Anniversary Ale #1
Pours with a nice frothy head, lingered for a while, a great caramel color and cloudy. Smooth even though it has a hint of bourbon whiskey. Definitely no bite here if you are afraid of the whiskey. This beer was fermented with Distiller’s Yeast and had a nice malty finish.

7.4% abv
Rating 3.5/5

Ruski Noir
Smooth as silk. This was an impressive Russian Imperial stout. Great notes of vanilla, creamy texture and chocolate. Definitely add to your ‘must try’ list. I’m hoping they keep this on tap for awhile!

11.0% abv
Rating 3.5/5

The Elegant Monk
How do I describe this without losing you? Well, yes its a Belgian style ale aged in Syrah barrels. So, it’s beer and red wine, what’s not to like! Actually, this was one of my favorite and most unique beers on the taster menu. Though it sounds scary, it absolutely worked. This is Beach City’s Trappist Style Tripel (Belgian Style Tripel ale made under the Trappist doctrine).

10.2% abv
Rating 3.5/5

Under the Sea
Summer is almost upon us and this little pineapple saison has quite a bit of a good thing going. Really balanced Belgian ale, slight pineapple hints, not overpowering just a kiss, and a sweet banana finish with just a hint of spice from the yeast. Really enjoyed this, I also hope they keep this one through summer!

6.5% abv
Rating: 4/5

Have you visited Beach City Brew? What was your favorite? If you haven’t had the chance, add this to your Orange County beer tour, you won’t regret it.

Pour some of the yummy Dankapotamus for me Beach City, I’m on my way!


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