2012 Pacificana Zinfandel From Club W Review

Adventures in Wine Tasting: Club W 2012 Pacificana Zinfandel

After a little bit of hiatus, I finally opened the third bottle from my Club W wine box, the 2012 Pacificana Zinfandel. This surprising gem was wonderful from the moment I popped the cork. An untraditional Zin has loads of juicy aromas and complex layers on the palate.

Maker: Pacificana
Varietal: Zinfandel
Vintage: 2012
Location: Lodi, California
Where To Buy: Club W
Price: $13 Members
Overall Rating: 4.5 of 5

Wine Maker’s Notes:

The Pacificana Zinfandel a big wine, but a style that celebrates the fruit. Instead of trying to extract every ounce of color and flavor from the grapes, we left some natural freshness in the wine and added just a touch of oak to soften the texture and add some sweet spice.

Confession Girl Tasting Notes:

The Pacificana is an untraditional Zinfandel from nose to taste. Usually you get quite a bit of fruit forward with Zins, but here there’s an excellent earthy and herby taste that stands out immediately. Definitely was craving more sips!

The amount of fruit forward was completely enjoyable and pleasing, especially for this Confession Girl. I tend to enjoy wines with coffee, bark and oak hints but this Pacificana has great fruit and tartiness from blueberry and cherry hints.

Taste Score

Great complexity! This was just a fun wine to try. Medium to full body wine has the perfect blend of tart, earthiness and sweetness that made this wine jump up on my list of favorites for this spring.

When To Drink:

Anytime! Great wine for date night, my boyfriend isn’t the biggest wine drinker and he enjoyed this Zin. Also great for a dinner party, or just hanging with some girlfriends. I think this wine will be a conversation starter.

Social Score

This is a perfect social drinking wine. I’ll be opening another bottle of Pacificana Zin for my next Game of Thrones viewing party.


I paired the Pacificana wine with a shrimp and gorgonzola cheese grits. The hearty and spicy dish highlighted all the beautiful notes in this Zin.


2012 Pacificana Zinfandel Wine Review - Confessiongirl.com

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